Sketch Pencils
Sketch pencils feature 5.6mm diameter lead,
a clutch (collet) mechanism, and a
sharpener in the cap.  Engraving is available
for $5.00.  Click on an image to enlarge.
Gold and black swirl acrylic.  
Blue swirl acrylic.  
Cracked Ice Acrylic.  
Light Blue Swirl Acrylic.  
Red & Black Acrylic.  
The Jr. Sketchers function just like their
bigger brother.  The feature a sharpener in
the cap and have a clutch (collet)
mechanism.  They use 3mm lead.  Click on
the image for a larger view.
The colors are, from left to right, 1) Blue
Shimmer,   2) Peach Swirl,   3) Midnight
Shimmer,    4) Green Velvet,    5) Yellow
Velvet,    6) Black Velvet,    7) Purple
Shimmer,   8) Aqua Shimmer
Comparison of the Jr.
Sketcher (left) and the
original Sketcher (right).